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Diese Homepage dient zur Information und Aufklärung und soll zum Nachdenken anregen. 500 Jahre Unrecht sind genug. Es wird Zeit das die amerikanischen Ureinwohner zu ihrem Recht kommen.


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This website serves to inform and educate and is thought-provoking. 500 years are wrong enough. It is time that the Native Americans have their rights.


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Native American / First Nation History Page "Austria"
Native American / First Nation History Page "Austria"

We support the American Indian Movement"

Christian Hauser, Founder & President United City Warrior Society
Christian Hauser, Founder & President United City Warrior Society
Diese Seite ist der amerikanischen Urbevölkerung gewidmet. In großem Respekt vor ihrer Kultur und in Ehrfurcht vor dem Leid, was sie erfuhren, möchte ich meinen Teil dazu beitragen, dass sie niemals vergessen werden auf dieser Welt.

Ich dulde hier keine selbsternannten Medizinmänner oder Indianerkopierer. Meine Beiträge sind von mir sorgfältig recherchiert und dienen ausschließlich der Information. Der Respekt vor der Kultur und den Ritualen der Native American People steht im Vordergrund.

Obwohl ich mich hier hauptsächlich mit den Ureinwohnern Nordamerikas auseinandersetze, möchte ich festhalten, dass mir selbstverständlich bewußt ist das den Ureinwohnern Südamerikas und Canadas genauso Unrecht geschehen ist und noch immer geschieht.
Ich möchte die Native Americans hier nur als Beispiel für 500 Jahre Unrecht auf dem ganzen Koninent anführen.
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This page is dedicated to the Native Americans  . With great respect for their culture and in awe of the suffering, what they learned, I want to do my part, that they'll never forget in this world.

I suffer here no self-proclaimed medicine men or Indians copier. My posts are of my carefully researched and are for information only. Of respect for the culture and rituals of the Native American People in the foreground.

Although I am here primarily grappling with the Native Americans, I would hold that to me is of course aware that the natives of South America and Canada just been wronged and is still happening.
I would just mention the Native Americans as an example for 500 years on the wrong continent.
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"United City Warrior Society"
This activist group fighting for the rights of Native Americans.











Structure of the "United City Warrior's Society"


Christian Hauser, Founder & President

Claude Ledoux, Vice President Canada

Andrew Borst, Vice President USA, Chapter Leader Tenessee

Nada Amine Awar, Vice President Middle East, Chapter Leader Lebanon

Gabriele Hunmörder, Vice President South America

Peter Kaufmann, Vice President Europe, Chapter Leader Germany

Marco Pontiac Odawa, Vice President, Chapter Leader Italy

Petra Rußwurm, Chapter Leader Austria





What will be the purpose of this group?
Since 1492, since by the so-called discovery of the New World, Christopher Columbusthere are on this continent a genocide unimaginable proportions. The country's 500 nations were systematically exploited by the so-called explorers and conquerors, and massacred the population. Unimaginable 100 million people were often brutally murdered. Those who were not killed, your country has been robbed. Country where the indigenous people of America for thousands of years to eke out life, your cultures developed, the cultures are among the most advanced civilizations in the world, such as the Maya or Aztecs. Cultures who have made immeasurable, while we lived in caves and slew each other with clubs.
We, the so-called civil-catalyzed whites fell upon this land and its inhabitants like locusts. In our greed for gold and fertile land, we have destroyed entire cultures.
But we have not only stolen their country. We have your language, your holy rites and customs robbed. We have crammed into reservations like animals. We desecrated their graves and sacred sites. We wanted them to re-educate 'good Indians' and have thereby brought only evil upon them.
The sad thing is I'm not talking about acts that occurred before 500 years. No, this injustice was never atoned. In fact today, the Native American second-class citizens. In your own country. This genocide has been going on for more than 500 years. No man here in Europe is talking about it. Most of our European roommates do not even know the meaning of Native Americans. They know only the Indians of the Wild West movies who scalped murdering and pillaging White. Who knows that these people are not just the Indians? Who knows, there were more than 500 different nations, with different languages and different cultures. The peoples who are still are still prevented lead their lives according to the traditions. Their holy sites, and their graves are desecrated still. The richest country in the world, the United States does not consider it necessary to compensate for centuries of its indigenous injustice. This land of opportunity leaves his Native die a slow, horrible death.


I have set myself the goal of getting these injustices in the pillory. I wish that we Europeans know about it what wrong is committed for more than 500 years to the Native Americans.
One of our main tasks will be to tackle the ever-expanding habit of Indian Copier. Estimated 50,000 (steadily increasing) so-called "hobbyists" drive in Germany alone mischief, organ Explicit in clubs and societies, there are dance groups, Pow - Wow Cubs, History Club, etc. preserve the pretext the culture of the Native Americans and spread, often also coupled with a charitable purpose defile and desecrate these people the most sacred rites of the Native Americans. Unfortunately, there is also the Native Americans can be clamped for financial reasons from these people before the cart in order to miss the whole event an official paint. Through targeted infomation and education we will try to establish a connection with the person responsible for this bad habit to stem same syntax it must be, I will install a special page on our website for this club and put their leaders in the pillory. Native Americans are can be clamped for these events reported in the U.S. in the tribal councils. I know that we are exposed to through this struggle of many attacks. They will attack us like locusts and vilify and attack us. It is important to remain calm and to respond with factual arguments. I ask all members to take this fight.