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Diese Homepage dient zur Information und Aufklärung und soll zum Nachdenken anregen. 500 Jahre Unrecht sind genug. Es wird Zeit das die amerikanischen Ureinwohner zu ihrem Recht kommen.


 Hau Kola




This website serves to inform and educate and is thought-provoking. 500 years are wrong enough. It is time that the Native Americans have their rights.


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Native American / First Nation History Page "Austria"
Native American / First Nation History Page "Austria"

We support the American Indian Movement"

Christian Hauser, Founder & President United City Warrior Society
Christian Hauser, Founder & President United City Warrior Society
Diese Seite ist der amerikanischen Urbevölkerung gewidmet. In großem Respekt vor ihrer Kultur und in Ehrfurcht vor dem Leid, was sie erfuhren, möchte ich meinen Teil dazu beitragen, dass sie niemals vergessen werden auf dieser Welt.

Ich dulde hier keine selbsternannten Medizinmänner oder Indianerkopierer. Meine Beiträge sind von mir sorgfältig recherchiert und dienen ausschließlich der Information. Der Respekt vor der Kultur und den Ritualen der Native American People steht im Vordergrund.

Obwohl ich mich hier hauptsächlich mit den Ureinwohnern Nordamerikas auseinandersetze, möchte ich festhalten, dass mir selbstverständlich bewußt ist das den Ureinwohnern Südamerikas und Canadas genauso Unrecht geschehen ist und noch immer geschieht.
Ich möchte die Native Americans hier nur als Beispiel für 500 Jahre Unrecht auf dem ganzen Koninent anführen.
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This page is dedicated to the Native Americans  . With great respect for their culture and in awe of the suffering, what they learned, I want to do my part, that they'll never forget in this world.

I suffer here no self-proclaimed medicine men or Indians copier. My posts are of my carefully researched and are for information only. Of respect for the culture and rituals of the Native American People in the foreground.

Although I am here primarily grappling with the Native Americans, I would hold that to me is of course aware that the natives of South America and Canada just been wronged and is still happening.
I would just mention the Native Americans as an example for 500 years on the wrong continent.
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My name is Claude Ledoux i m 55 years im born imn 1957 from a mother half Abénakis and half Mohawk my grand mother side of my father have huron blood, that made me a metis and i m cousin with Chief Zane Bell i'm a father of 3 children 1 boy and 2 girls and i'm a grand father of 3 young boy and an other one little boy coming soon,I m a truck driver for a couples years the hiway was my home but now i just roll aroud my place i love indians anhjd country music, i playing guitar
i'm a biker i m ready to defend and protect the culture of my ancestors gave me all my friends and parents know that they said i'm a warrior i always told them i was born Warrior and i' m going to die like Warriors when you are Warrior it s for all your life Warrior for the eternity i love the elders but all my grand mothers and grand fathers past away, anyway for me if you have indian blood in your veines doest matter how much you have a quater a half a tree quater of full or over full indiand blood that make us brothers and syster and if one of these day if we need to stand up and scream at all the world we want our country back because your are on the indians land more indians wwe have more stronger we are i love all my brothers and systers of the all nation on the planete and i have my other face book page the WOLF CLAN and i m a member of A.I.M. THE AMERICAN IDIAN MOVEMENT i m a wolfs lover i am sure all wolves ARE THE SPIRITS OF OUR ELDERS !Ok i dont know if it 's a short DETAIL of of my life and me or what i suppose to tell at you my friends yes you members of the UNITED URBAN WARRIOR SOCIETY,ONE OF MY FAVORITE IS I WISH YOU RECEIVE ALL MY WOLVES SPIRITS TOUCH YOU HEARTS AND I HOPE THEY WILL PROTECT YOU ALL DAYS LONG AND THEY ARE WATCHING OVER YOU IN THE NIGHT TIME.AND I WOULD LIKE TO THANK TWO OF MY FRIENDS NOW **CHRISTIAN HOUSER AND JAMES MAGASKA SWAN FOR GIVING SECOND BREATH AT MY LIFE YOU TWO GUY'S I LOVE LIKE BROTHERS AND I LOVE YOU ALL MEMBERS


Am born Cherokee, but do not know them, not one name Heart Lakota I know many.. woplla for letting me in, and letting me come HOME!, is good to be home, I was raised as white, hidden, and lost, now I am home with family Lakota heart I Am Lakotas heart, I help to heal the children, and people of the world. Get mad throw me out, whatever but I said was is true to me!. kisses warm embrace, Namaste- spirit in me bows to the spirit in you.. I live in the spirit All the time, it is the onl way for me to survive all the lifetime of hurts, so do as you will, if you must, either way All will be wel

I practice NO Native things, I have no native friend to teach me, and I will not learn alone, because I may learn wrong. When I got on the web six yrs ago, I met a Lakota man John Wind Tate, so I didn't go to the cherokee I followed John, and learned much, but still only have the sage and even with that I send up no smoke. I have seen more abuse, neglect, and abandonment than any one spirit should had ever seen, so I started living in the spirit when I was a babe child, it would get me out and away from the darkness in people I was seeing and living in.. All in all somehow I am still able to love, and I love to much, so much it hurts me, and I have to get it out, or it will kill me , and hurt me if I don't. ...giggles and smiles.. you are still welcome to throw me out of the group, I am real, and true to my heart, So if that makes me crazy or un likeable then so let it be, I can not be anyone else, I am just me, and nothing special, just have a heart thats to big, and if that makes me strange odd, or what ever I want to be crazy, strange , and odd, because thats what makes me unique and beautiful. Much love, peace and happiness to you the group, I love ya'll, kiss, warm embraces to you all.

Mein Name ist Peter Kaufmann, bin im August 1947 geboren. Lebe in Deutschland.


Hin und wieder fliege ich in die Staaten, genau gesagt nach Arizona, um


dort Freunde zu besuchen. Da ich Rentner bin, rüstig und einiges an Zeit


habe, widme ich mich auch durch meine Homepage den Ureinwohnern und Ihre Misere.


Versuche  hier in Deutschland darauf Aufmerksam zu machen, was an Unrecht


an diesen Völkern geschehen ist und immer noch geschieht. 


Wenn der Name meiner Homepage vermuten lässt ich gehöre den Hobbyisten an,


so ist es nicht so. Ich möchte damit auch die Hobbyisten erreichen, um sie auf


die Problematik und das Unrecht hinzuweisen. Durch einen Zufall kam ich auf


diese Seite und lernte somit Herrn Christian Hauser kennen. Soweit es mir


Möglich ist, möchte ich der amerikanischen Urbevölkerung mit meinen Informationen,


hier in Deutschland beistehen und Publik machen. Ich hoffe die Verantwortlichen


mögen erkennen was sie anrichten. In den hunderten von Jahren scheinen sie nichts


dazu gelernt zu haben.


Ich Grüße alle die diese Seite besuchen mit einem Hau Kola.



My name is Peter Kaufmann , I was born in August 1947. Live in Germany .
Every now and then I fly to the States , to be precise to Arizona
there to visit friends. Since I am retired , sprightly and quite a bit of time
have, I dedicate myself through my website the indigenous people and your misery.
Try to make here in Germany it attentively what to injustice
happened to these people and still happens.
If the name of my website suggests I belong to the hobbyists ,
so it is not so. I mean to reach the hobbyist in order to
noted the problems and injustices . By chance, I came to
this page and thus learned Mr. Christian Hauser know . As far as me
It is possible , I want the native American culture with my information ,
stand here in Germany and make Publik . I hope those responsible
may know what they are doing . In the hundreds of years, they do not seem
learned a thing to have .
I Greetings all who visit this page with a Hau Kola .